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about time some politician or whoever hijacks OWS.

Historically speaking when it comes to the economy, since WW2, we have followed one path to it. Expansionist model through corporate libertarianism. Democrat or republican, does not matter. Every single president since WWII has followed this. So I do not know much of Ron Paul but I doubt he will be the change for society that they all thought Obama was going to be.

EDIT: Yeah this guy is definitely a corporate libertarian, advocating getting rid of all federal branches, such as education and the EPA. More capitalism in essence, against socialism. I mean the rest of the world is becoming more socialist in recent years, its been working to great effect in almost every country in South America. And countries that are more socialist, more government for those that do not understand, who already have more federal responsibilities are doing well. Again the Nordic countries already discussed.

Ok I just finished watching this while I wrote this and like he is a classic politician, promises, agrees with economy, and even then 99% of the people he talked to were against him. Ugh garbage video if your trying to promote corporate libertarianism.

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