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After weeks of shopping around, this is what i ended up locking in for the next 3yrs. Telus Corporate plan.

To get this all u need is a family member that works for cibc.

iPhone Voice & Data Canada - CIBC Special Rate

$50.00 Monthly Fee

Included Calling Features
Call Display
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
CIBC- Unlimited Text Messaging
Conference Calling
Local In Network Calling TELUS to TELUS
Local Nights & Weekends from 6pm-7am
Voice Mail 25

Email and Web Browsing 6GB (In Canada Only)
Included Voice Minutes 350

iPhone Tethering Included
Premium Service & Support Included
New Activation Airtime Credit (Credits DO NOT apply for renewals) $0 for iPhone 5, $140 for iPhone 4S
International Data Roaming $25/MB
Additional Voice Rate beyond the 350 minutes $0.07/min
U.S. Voice Roaming per min. $0.40/min
U.S. Data Roaming $3/MB
Canada to Canada Included
Canada to U.S $0.10/min
Additional Data Rate beyond 6GB $0.05/MB
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