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Bimmercruise 2008 Winners

There were some mix ups with the paper work during the tallying of scores just before the awards were given out. We appologize for the mis-awarded classes (E30 & Luxury). New trophies are being made and will be given out to the three newly-appointed winners.


BEST OF SHOW - Richard Rodrigues (AA s/c E46 M3)

BEST ENGINE - (Uve Wulff)
BEST INTERIOR – (Mustafa Kassab)
BEST EXTERIOR - (Gary Collins)
BEST I.C.E. – (Peter Theo)
BEST WHEELS - (Dave E93 M3)
BEST CONCOURS – (Julian Lai)
BEST BURN-OUT - (Muhammed Ali)
RAREST BMW - (Paul Valliere)
DYNO KING – (Richard Rodrigues)

VINTAGE CLASS - 1st place (Uve Wulff)
VINTAGE CLASS - Runner Up (George Mantis)

LUXURY CLASS - 1st place (AJ – Bimmersport)
LUXURY CLASS - Runner Up (Tanya Nour)

Z-SERIES - 1st place (Massimo)

E28-SERIES - 1st place (Sia Honarkhah)
E28-SERIES - Runner Up (Ted Kalman)

E34-SERIES - 1st place (Julian Lai)
E34-SERIES - Runner Up (Terry Ratchev)

E39-SERIES - 1st place (Richard Steflik)
E39-SERIES - Runner Up (Rocco - RMP Motors)

E60-SERIES -1st place (John Hume)
E60-SERIES – Runner Up (Dave Haslam)

E87-SERIES – 1st place (Charlie - Bimmersport)
E87-SERIES – Runner Up (Raj Mahant)

E90-SERIES - 1st place (Soks)
E90-SERIES - Runner Up (Arash Fazahani)

E92-SERIES – 1st place (John Tantoulos)
E92-SERIES – Runner Up (Al Norrie)

E30 MILD - 1st place (Paul Christians)
E30 MILD - Runner Up (Gary Foster)

E30 WILD - 1st place (Mustafa Kassab)
E30 WILD - Runner Up (Sam Osei-Aosei)

E36 MILD - 1st place (Nick Sirianni)
E36 MILD - Runner Up (Peter Theo)

E36 WILD - 1st place (Mark Sausedo)
E36 WILD - Runner Up (George Savrakis)

E46 MILD - 1st place (Hussien Zabaidi)
E46 MILD - Runner Up (Sam Afzali)

E46 WILD - 1st place (Gary Collins)
E46 WILD - Runner Up (Richard Rodrigues)
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