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Playing with a G-tech Comp

Well, I have the use of a G-tech Pro Competition for a couple weeks. I've been debating between getting either a G-tech Pro Comp, or a Race Technology AP-22..... anyway...

Here is the info for my car from me playing with it.

1/4 mile - 14.731 @ 95.58 (compared to 14.759 @ 92.60 at St. Thomas)
0-100 - 7.302 seconds (in 115.9 meters)
0-200 - 28.2 seconds (in 1050.3 meters)

I haven't gone out for any braking runs yet.

I don't have (accurate) hp and torque numbers because I took a wild stab at the car weight (with me and fuel), I'll have to get it weighed soon.

The unit itself is actually pretty cool, it samples g's 100 time per minute, which is really good, it self levels itself everytime you do a timed launch, it's actually very accurate with pulling the rpms from the cigarette lighter (once the RPM's have been calibrated).

The software that comes with it is pretty good too, and it allows you to export it to a spreadsheet so you can manipulate the data all you like.

My main complaint, it's very straight line oriented, there is supposed to be auto-x/road course software coming out soon though. The unit doesn't store any lateral g info at all either, but that will change with the next firmware appearently.

I'll keep you posted on my trucks performance numbers too!!
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