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Wanted to update this thread as promised.

Today i:
-Downgraded my iphone to IOS 3.1.2 (IOS 4 is too slow on a 3G)
-Got it factory unlocked by rogers (if your contract is up, they'll do it for you for 50$)
-Installed Acrobits softphone, cracked the G.729A codec patch
-Got around Rogers VOIP blocking (they're lazy, and just block a few UDP ports.)
-Fixed one way audio NAT issue
-Configured Direct Inbound Dialing on the voip line. (Iphone can be asleep and will recieve calls)
-SIP migration set up (If my phone goes from wifi to 3G it will re-sync with the SIP gateway)

As it stands now, my phone is completely usable as voip over 3G. I'm still with rogers, but i'm probably going to switch to virgin data only soon.

G729a uses about 10.5kbps per direction of bandwidth. Average is about 29kbps/sec including all overhead. Latency is good on 3g, bearable on edge.

To do:
-I need to break the regular so callto: and other internal links don't try to make outbound calls using the real voice line.
-I don't really use SMS, but there's a solution for it called Heywire. Its 1.99$ a month for unlimited texting to "most any phone in USA, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, South + Central America and China" It includes a canadian number to receive/send texts from (but will not match your voice number).

In order to accomplish what i've done today you need
-Iphone (jailbroken = apps are all free, not jailbroken you need 17$ worth of apps)
-SIP account ( has one, 50$ one time fee, free calling to most majour cities in canada, 1 cent a minute calling to rest of canada and north america)
-Settings in Acrobits Softphone are UDP for transport, and use ports from 100-650 (i'll try more ranges, the default 10000-655532 range will give you one way audio issues)

I dont really recommend this for everyone, as voip is still not as good as a real voice call. But i'm fed up with paying out my ass for cell service.

Assuming i use ~250mb a month of data (about average for me), and talk on the phone for 10 hours, my total cost would be 20$ (data) + 1.99$ (texting) + tax.
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