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Originally Posted by E36&8 View Post
He ****ed himself and that's what he did with a double sided cock, I was stating facts and he decided to make a fun out of it than thinIs got worse just like a relationship to a teenage girl.. why would I race you??? where did you come in the picture

I was telling retards to slow down on the streets and take it to the track
Same thing happened to me .. I remember I made a thread on buying my m3 and imola m5 boy, the tough guy Derek and the mod boy tdot bashed me on the car I had bought.....then i just retaliated back and that started the famous m5 vs m3 thread..that got closed and i got banned.. Lmfao. .i say **** these group of faggets and go to the cottage that they go to and play with there little dicks.
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