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Photographing BMWs (locations)

I have an E39 and I am into photography. However, this is not about photographing my BMW but my friends. I have two friends who have E90s (one is black and the other is Arctic blue, or something like that). Here are the shots I want to get:

1) Panning shots. So I need a quiet road (pretty empty on the weekend, distance is not an issue as long as it is within an hour drive from Toronto), that is pretty curvy (or at least has a large turn) and can accommodate two cars side by side. Any suggestions?

2) Tunnel shots. The longer the better. I don't want those 5 second long tunnels underneath a highway or something! Any suggestions?

3) Rich area shots. I have two areas in mind: Bloor and University Ave. Any other suggestions?

4) Indoor parking lot shots. Any suggestions?

So this will be done on the weekend and will take pretty much a whole day, so any other ideas I haven't mentioned are welcomed!

I am looking forward to your replies
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