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Originally Posted by europrince View Post
a lot of people who make over 100k spend a lot of time at what they do, with the bulk of the time remaining with their families. they don't have time for forum chats.


Started school in 1984 for System Analyst could not get a job.
Worked at Procor as a welder making over $27,000 in 1985
1986 Worked as a roofer making over $35,000 per season
1987 Started work in my field making over $30,000
By 1994 I was making over $120,000

In 1998 opened a retail store selling computers and still maintaining my client base for system analyst making over $5,000 Yup the store was sucking me dry.

By 1999 my salary increased to $6,000, things were looking better
2000 over $150,00
2001 over $275,000
2002 over $300,000
2003 over $375,000
2004 I was bringing in $500,000
2005 over $250,000
2006 over $75,000 nothing new in our industry sales were going down hill.
2007 $0 had to pay employees and bills.
2008 Started trucking company My salary for next 2 to 3 years will remain at $0 All the money that the business makes goes back into the business.

These days you can make millions without university or college degree, however I do recommend that you stay in school.
Your income will depend on how hard you work and your drive to succeed. My average hours spent working for my store between 1998 and 2002 was in excess of 80 hours per week and I loved it. I started work around 3:00am and finished around 11:00pm
I would never go in a field by how much money you make. Always try to do what you love even if it pays less.
My current job I work sometimes 60 hours straight without sleep. I love what I do and I don't consider it as work at all. I have set a goal, however my wife thinks that I'm crazy.

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