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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
Hey maxbimmer,

Im slaving away at school right now and i just wanted to start a Poll on what kind of job you have and how you got there?

with the kind of education you have and how much money you make

for example...

"I dropped out of highschool and became a plumber.. been doing it for 15 years..i make 50,000 a year

or "i have a Ph.D in human biology, been doing it for 10 years, studied at harvard medical school, i want to keep my income private but i make more then 100,000"

*mainly want to know how you guys got your E60's and E90's lolol

or if your a student tell me what your taking in school and poll and say how much you think youll make when you get out of school.
Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
can the people who make over 100 chime in??? i want to see how you guys got to were you are.
Your mentality towards life and values in general are pretty tweaked. With the way you currently think, you will never be happy.

Stop numbers hunting, and do what you like. The rest will fall into place.
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