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got torque?
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What a bunch of BS

"The design of the rotary makes it difficult to seal in the combustion chamber"
WTF??? Care to elaborate on that one?

Like ANY car, if it has been maintained, it will work just fine thanks. Ever seen one of these on a track? They are scary fast, super light, and stop on a dime.

The Mitsubishi and the Nissan are complete lard asses next to an RX-7, and they feel like it. The Supra is in a different league, both performance-wise and price-wise.

Find an RX-7 that has been maintained and you have found a serious car that would stomp all over 90% of people you'd encounter on the road or the track. ANY Turbo car that has been abused will be expensive to maintain or rebuild, whether it is rotary- or piston-engined.

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