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Originally Posted by sonspot View Post
i have a few questions, whats the size of the mospot ddt track, do i need a helmet for this event, am assuming its all day (am i right). last is it $150 less $50 new register?. how much are you guys paying to get your car inspected.

Hey Sonspot,

Yes a helmet is mandatory, if you don't have one, the club rents them out for the day for very little money, $10/day I think. It is an all day event 8am-5pm. The $50 discount only applies to the ADS's at Mosport Grand Prix track or Shannonville with the full two day curriculum. So, it is $150 + GST for the day. Steve Gailits at Bavarian offers free tech inspections to Trillium members. His shop is located on Woodbine just south of the 407. In terms of length, I don't have that info ready at hand, but it's approx 3 km in the configuration we use.



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