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Yeah it's still going to be BMW Powered the engine is a 4.0 liter V8 out of a 1995 Bmw 540i sport.282 horses not bad will do for now and 295 lbs. of torque so nto bad hopefully i'll have some room to drop in a turbo.oh yeah i forget to mention i ripped out the radiator completely no radiator no more getting a custom intercooler made instead of the radiator should be running cool and sweet and soem of you are asking what's up with the 16's well i was gonna go with 19's or 20 but even tires for 17 and 18's are hard to find so i decided to go with 16's plus the 16's are easier to spin.but well see if i can get a turbo in there i'll bump the rims up to 18 or 19 i dotn think i'm gonna go as big as 20 cause that's pushing it but well see.ALsop someone asked how much this project is costing me not 2 much i hope right now it's up to about 11 grand that's with the cost of the engine sandblasting job and paint job well jsut to give you a over look or how much it's gonna cost to finsih it i'm gonna put in about another 20-30 grand into to it and have it tear up the streets.Most of the parts i can get for little money since i work at a shop and get discount so it's not that bad.If you wanna discuss anything jsut email me about anything any questions in general.
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