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Not so much the brand... But there IS garbage out there

Bought my first everything from sport check-- the boots didn't hold without over tightening and cutting off blood to my foot-- and still wernt comfortable. Spent the same amount ($200) on Ions at the snowboard show for %50 off and its night and day

The drake bindings I bought there for $120 didn't feel snug until you put all your weight into tightening them which led to foot pain and cramps in a run or two. Even after that you have no confidence on your edges as it feels like youre just velcro-d in. I went and bought Cartels on clearance for $135 (barely any more money) and they're some of the best bindings on the market that I will use for years.

There are ways to buy useable stuff without breaking the bank. I overpaid for my gear because I bought crappy gear first -- it would have been way less just to pay the extra $15 upfront for gear that doesn't blow chunks. Just sayin, full price at sport check can be a terrible idea on a budget.

IMO if you can't afford it all at first, spend you money on quality boots(hopefully on sale), outerwear, goggles, helmet and keep renting board and bindings until you can afford something on clearance, which there is TONS of if you look around. It's obvious that getting 50% off is going to lead to better gear

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