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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
It does the same sort of thing to the block that it does to the rotors. Cryo treating relieves residual stresses left in the components from the manufacturing process and refines the microstructure of the material to give the parts increased durability as well as increased dimensional stability. The increased dimensional stability helps reduce wear on components and increases power transfer characteristics. You might not see any power gains from the cyro treatment itself but the increased durability of the components will give you the ability to run higher compression or higher boost and that’s where the big power gains are going to come from.
I see, that's pretty cool. Does it matter how long an engine has been used before it is cryo treated? For example, would it better to cryo treat an engine after it has been run hard for 50K to relieve stresses that happen from (ab)use or right when its new from the factory?
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