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Originally Posted by daytona View Post
The main grocery chains distributions is so much more efficient than the LCBO design that they can modify the shipping of wine/beer with ease.
I dont understand. Are you saying that Grocery chains are more efficient then LCBO and Beer Store distribution?

If so you are wrong, LCBO and Beer Store have some of the most efficient logistics departments, on par, or better then main chains. LCBO's is probably the best in Ontario when it comes to logistics of shipping/ordering.

sorry I dont live in the heart of wine country so I must travel a distance to buy booze.Why cant each store order or even pick up at a main warehouse,why do you actual need a transportation hub for wine/beer?.
Okay so you travel a distance to buy booze. If your corner store had it, they wouldn't carry all the brands. And since you gotta travel a distance to get your alchohol, Im sure that you also have to travel a distance to get your food too. So if you wanted any variety you would still need to travel for your booze.

Each store picking up at a main warehouse? Each little convineint store and bar, and restaurant doing that? Beer Store/LCBO already caters to REstaurants and Bars as a main hub for them. With grocery stores it would be the same idea.. So Beer Store/LCBO would still exist in that theory. OR create big warehouses outside the city so that grocery stores could compete? Then prices would fluctuate as it would be the grocery store paying the transport fees.

Anyway either way their are pros and cons to both sides. I like the system we have in place now. But I could care less if it changed.
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