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So it's crunch time! I just weighed my options, as the car NEEDS to be somewhat finished by Wednesday night as it will get booted out of the shop by then (definitely not getting the hood or trunk done unfortunately). I think my plan is to work on it full tilt over the course of the weekend. I think my goals are to paint the entire car late Saturday so it can dry over Sunday and give it a quick scuff and lay down another coat Monday evening. (Roughly two days aka Tuesday and Wednesday are needed to clean the mess that I made out of the shop by trying to pull this off in such a short time)

Today I started by cutting some plates to fit in the bumper shock holes in the front nose. I got lazy and only did one side for now.

Cut up sheet to fit (I actually fit it to the other side since it fit better)

All welded up, holes closed, grinded down and ready for filler!

Too bad I still have the other side

Big difference with a bit of paint!

And a quick walkaround of how I left the rear end for the evening. Ground off all of the remaining welds, and slopped some filler on. Gonna be a lot of sanding tomorrow!


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