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While we are throwing around generalisations and anecdotal evidence, I have actually been in there-- saw (or found on Kijiji?) a decent looking 318ti msport at a time when I was shopping for one, so I stopped by. The place did give a general vibe of used car sketchery, but then, it is what it is. The car was great, low mileage (shown, anyway) drove tight, showed clean, and without actually getting it up on a hoist seemed like a great deal for the low price they were asking.

Again who knows what lurked but we did give it a good once over (and they were happy to let e30m42cab and I take off in the car without a salesman looking over our shoulder which I always appreciate) and it looked great. I didn't have the money for a downpayment on me at the time and when I went back the next day the car had sold.

Long pointless story notwithstanding, I have seen at least one good car at that dealership. There was other stuff in various states of repair there, but their prices were good and you get what you get with a used car. I don't know that a random Downsview used car lot is worth a trip from the east coast but my personal experience was decent.
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