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Originally Posted by dtthiaga View Post
02 or newer is better. It's the better years for the e46.

Plus, it's the facelifted sedans, which looks more current. The newer ones come with Bi-Xenon lights (big plus). With the newer models, you won't have to worry about rear subframe issues either.

Watch for known issues.

- Front Control Arms
- Vanos. I can't believe BMW is still having these issues.
- Window Regulators
- Master Cylinder
- Some 330's consume a lot of oil, even at lower mileage
- Stay away from Automatics
- Check the manual transmission. Make sure 2nd and 3rd gears are easy to get into.
- Alternators
- 02 Censors go pretty frequent, so make sure the car is Drive Clean recently. I wouldn't except anything less than 2-4 weeks from bill of sale.

All of the issues above actually occur when the car has lower mileage.

Overall, the 02+ E46 is more reliable than other BMW's.

oh cmon your just saying that because you drive a facelift bmw...............get a none facelift
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