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I had a chance to drive Sia's E28 S54 last weekend and was very impressed. The guys at Stancefactory sure have swaps down to a fine art. Everything in the car works the way it did back in '83 when it rolled off the assembly line. You'd never know it had such a beast lurking under the hood until you get on the loud-pedal. I even love how they integrated the "Sport" button in the console keeping the installation very clean. IMO, Sia needs a 4.10:1 diff to really wake this thing up (but i'm biased). The suspension feels pretty tired too, maybe a new set of coilovers & sway bars will give more confidence when throwing it into corners. Plenty of grip from the Michelin PSS tires though. The exhaust sound is very reminiscent of my E30... setting of car alarms driving down the street. Great job guys!
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