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RMP FTW - Thanks for coming to bail me out Rocco!

So, i show up at RMP because i could hear some sort of noise coming from the backend when i let off the clutch from a dead stop. Of course i hear the noise and my GF hears the noise but when i get to RMP there is no noise, go figure!

After chilling for a bit i decided to call it a day and head home. So im about 5 minutes away from the shop when i notice the car starting to overheat. I pull over and pop the hood and guess what i ****ing flex hose came off the rad. I had no tools on me either. I call Rocco up and he drops what he is doing and heads on over to where i'm at. He puts the hose back on for me and we fill the car with water and i'm back on my way.

Moral of this story is that if you replace your own rad hose MAKE SURE IT IS ON TIGHT ENOUGH and also, make sure you got Rocco's # in your phone just incase!
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