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Originally Posted by axxe View Post

Can you respond to my pm's? Or answer the phone? Or your voicemails? I am honestly dissappointed, you seem like a really nice guy, i hope you're just super busy and forgot that there is internet on computers, and telephones. I've been trying to reach you for two weeks, you gave me the quote really fast but i just want to order the parts so that i can pick them up on a saturday.
you sent me a msg 2 weeks ago that i responded to and gave you prices on. I believe it was for an m3 conversion. All parts that would need to be ordered would have to be pre paid.

im really sorry i have not met your expectations in terms of of service but i am 1 person that takes care of all maxbimmer inq's. On average i respond to over 20 pm's a day with various price quotes ranging from 1 part to sometimes over 30 parts, as well as pick up phone calls all day and respond to voice msg's (i get up to 120 phone calls a day on my extension not to mention the calls that get transfered to me from my reception),and on top of that im the only front counter parts person here to attend to customers (year to date i have completed over 780 maxbimmer transactions, and thats been in the last 4-5 months ive been a member on here.......THATS A PRETTY BIG NUMBER IN A PRETTY SHORT TIME). I believe if im not mistaken, when you came in last time with your g/f, i believe i stayed about 20 min's after hours to price out your big price list of your m3 conversion as well.

Im sorry to be rambling on here but i try my hardest to to help every customer on a one and one basis offering all my effort with the best customer service i can offer with the best prices any canadian bmw dealer will ever offer. And i sometimes spend the same amount of time with the $10 customers as i do with the $4000 customers.

Serving the maxbimmer forum with over 18,000 members, the general population, and other dealers and/or vendors sometimes gets quite hectic, i would have to ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Private msg'n me would still be the best way of communication when the phones are busy here, cuz i will eventually always respond back.

Thanks you once again for your understanding with this matter. And for future reference please just send a pm and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
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