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Hahaha... this is fun...

Why can't we be talking about how new cars are always better instead? I love that one.

A fresh pulled m20? known to be running... as N VR mentions unless the motor has 100% proof that it's been rebuilt.... $100 - 200

An m50 same as above.... maybe $350; very low mileage... $600

I know most of the time wreckers want about 50% the retail of some parts... for a used part! I suggest to anyone that needs more than a few parts to hunt down a whole car to part. "At BMW this is $70, you can have it for $35" - yeah well that part is 20 years old and has components that need replacing.

Some places are used to slipping used parts in to 'save' people money. "Hi sir, yes the head is cracked... (scare tactic= the dealer would want $3000 for parts and labour) "I happen to have a spare head that I can install for $2000".

Well I can do it for $300.

Max members are not always cheap. We're not lazy and we don't like being ripped off. After a few situations they discover they can change a part themselves or they don't need to pay X dollars for something at billy's bimmers when they can order a brand new rebuilt part for x dollars less....

I suggest people ask on the board what to pay, then when you go to these places for parts #1 tell them what you know it's worth, #2 don't seem too interested (don't say 'I need' the part, tell them it's for a future project you're considering) #3 be willing to walk away. You can always get the part cheaper somewhere else. This is how it works... eventually they will get the clue that they need to negotiate a bit.

Performance one step at a time.

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