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Your stepping out of line, giving a false image of me and things I sell, now since I never said you personally and it was a general statement I ask you to watch what you say about me, if you'd like to discuss it in person, I'll
Be home and my shop doors will be open. I get bitchy guys who part out cars complaining I sell to cheap, so get your story strait before you mouth off.

Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
It wasn't a general comment since you quoted my post... If it were a general comment it would have been a reply without specifically quoting me or someone else.

That said, it's very possible I emailed/PM'd you about an M20 some while ago.. and if your price was abnormally higher then normal then I would have said your prices are insane (probably didn't use that unless you were trying to sell me the M20 for $900).

You guys who part out cars have to remember, you're not the only ones that have these things available... and it's the market and NOT you who make up the prices. I've bought and sold my good share of cars and parts to know exactly how it works.

So if you're out into left field with pricing you're going to get called out on it simple as that. If you're a business and you have overhead and other running costs to factor in make sure you're not trying to make a months rent on one part, simple.

M20's are minimum 20 years old, M50/52 motors are nearing that as well and were offered in a TON of cars. They're not special and they're not worth a premium. Most will need a rebuild, seals changed, water pump, chain & tensioners replaced and the list goes on.
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