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Originally Posted by magnus View Post
who said 17K?
You can get the full conversion kit for 3k and then add an engine. 17k is fitted with all the work done by a shop. That is not bad.
and i did say its ideal for a small engined BMW (eg. 318is) Otherwise its better to FI the original engine.
It said $17k in the subtitles of the video.
And once again I still don't think that $17k to have an e36 M3 on stock suspension with 400hp is a good performance/$ ratio. The conversion isn't that easy either the video even says that they had to make custom motor mounts and do a bunch of wiring, but because they've done it once and figured it out they would be able to do it again in a day. If you wanted to do it your self it would be a lot more tedious than if you were to swap an S5x motor into your e36 with a turbo kit and some nice suspension and brakes.
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