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Originally Posted by new member View Post
I have no idea what the pictures you showed mean as I dont know anything about electronics.

Do this test. Before shutting your car off set your HVAC to ANY temp (make sure you remember it ) and ANY speed. For example set it at 28C and 4 dashes speed. Now when you start the car the next day, if the HVAC is showing you something different then it was before you shut the car off, it'll mean your FSR/FSU is going out.

There are other things that are a tell signs of a bad FSR/FSU, like irregular or inconsistent speed.

But the test that I explained works very well, as the HVAC should return to the same setting when turned on as it was when shutting off.
alrigh thanks for your advise. I will do that tonight.

Now I just unplugged a fuse belongs to a blower so that even if HVAC control is on there is no blow.

I will see if that helps me to prevent from the battery drain.

Your method seems very useful only if there is enough battery remain so at least I can read the numbers. Sometimes my battery totally gets drained.

0.040A or 40mA is normal current flow when the car is in sleep mode. It's for maintain a clock, an alarm and other functions and 40mA is a tiny amount of current flow which should not affect on battery.

Few years ago I parked my bimmer for 4 months and it still started the engine very well.

This is getting really annoying.
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