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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
So just the tach is going wonky, or its actually stalling when you put it in neutral?
nothings wonky here, engine just decides to take a break regarless of gear, road speed or road road condition. First time it happened I was doing 30kph in second. I should have clarified that even though rpm was registering, the engine was definitely not on.

Originally Posted by everlast View Post
I vote "main relay".
I'm thinking this too, I checked out the main relay tonight, the prongs were black at the tops of them, and brown the rest of the way down with the only shiny parts being where they actually contacted in their connectors.

I just cleaned the contacts for now and zip tied it tight. Lol, I forgot that my plan was to run the car and pull the relay to see if I could simulate the condition. Anyways, we'll see what happens but I think I'll be making a trip to Maranello soon for a relay, atleast for peace of mind.

The car behaved great today, didn't shut off. Even the idle was smooth lol
S52 E30

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