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Car stalls while driving

I was driving down the 401 today, holding a steady speed, and my engine cut out. No warning, no noises nothing abnormal, the engine just turned off, and all the lights came on on the instrument cluster like it does before you start the car.

I tried cranking the motor over while coasting along the highway, it cranked and cranked but would not fire. Pulled over to the side of the road, decide to start checking some stuff out. Accessed the fuel pump, cranked the car, fuel poured out of pump, so its okay.

Put the fuel line back on, cranked the car for shits and giggles and, geuss what? It started instantly. I should note that at this point about 10 minutes had gone by between coasting down the highway, cursing furiously than deciding to check out what happened.

This same issue also happend monday, except that after about 1 minute of sitting there thinking "wtf!?", the car started. Now that I'm thinking about it, at while lapping at eurofest, later in the day the car started to cut out at 6000rpm (I have a markd chip so its got the 7k redline), but I figured the car was just hot so I didn't think about it.

Fuel economy is normal, cranktimes are the same they've always been, no misfires, power levels feel normal and there are no codes stored in ecu.

The first thing I looked at was the fuel pump relay, it seemed loose, so I cleaned the connectors and used a ziptie to secure it, then checked out my engine grounds and they're clean and tight. Any ideas?

Found this thread, but nothing conclusive comes up Can anyone confirm the main relay shoudl throw a code?
S52 E30

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