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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
No, you're mixing up enthusiasm with hobbies. Fixing cars isn't my hobby. Fix up ugly square boxes (such as the pic in your sig) is not my hobby. I dont need to get my hands dirty.

Wow, do you know what a fan is, or an ethusiaste? I don't have to play hockey to be a hockey fan you scrub. I dont have to own a BMW to appreicate some of their models.

That VW got scrapped, and nope I don't own. It's my fathers. I don't own a vehicle. I live a 15 minute walk from where I work.... Which is in a pretty office building.

No, I don't think your shit square box is of enough quality for me to be honest.

No, Ill pad my wallet with the dough that Im rolling in.

AT the end of the day, you're still a bag of dicks regardless how you try to spin it. I get you're trying to discredit my arugments "what are you doing here, you dont belong here" you're just mad because you cant comprehend whats outside your shallow existence.
Attempting to insult my car, that's cute. Unlike yourself I'm proud of the vehicles I've called my own, sorry if you expected a different reaction. Enjoy the rust buckets you continue to drive while you roll in all that dough at mom and dads house champ, you're definitely an achiever!
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