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Well I do say that i'm in awe! Talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing! I have kind of the same idea of a "sleeper old man's land yacht" too (except it is a North American car).

I see you are located in Pennsylvania. I was wondering if you would like to attend the BMW car show that empowered, straight_6, and I are putting on every year (Bimmercruize '02). Bimmercruize '01 was the first year and it was held in Missasauga, Ontario, Canada. The show was a success so now it must go on! We had 1 guy from Pennsylvania come up and 2 from Detroit, Mich. (I hope we can get more guys from the States to come up so spread the word!).

Hey guys/gals!,

Randy(empowerd), Kevin(straight_6), and I (Dave aka:'88 325e) started up Bimmercruize '01. Bimmercruize '02 is on Sunday August 11th! So if you need details about the show please contact us!
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