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Originally Posted by PROJECT_E36 View Post
If this is top tier fabrication, this world is really going down the drain!

This build could have been done better by a back yard mechanic. Honestly, does anyone see the welds? The mounts have no suppoting reinforcemnts.

They will certainly break off. I hope you guys understand what you are dealing with, its 400hp not 200, and things break faster with more hp and tq.

more to come....
Vorshlag has been using similar engine mounts (with no bracing) and selling to the public for years, never one word about them breaking. This is quite common among the E36 LS swap kits. Are you suggesting Vorshlag and other shops do not know what they are doing?

Originally Posted by PROJECT_E36 View Post

These welds are top tier?

MASSIVE HP loss headers FTW!!

One side of the motor will make 200hp, and the other 100hp.. Headers should be close to / almost the same length.

This is disgusting!
The disparity is not that much, no need to over exaggerate and sensationalize. The difference between long tube and short tends to be about 30hp to 50hp per set. so 15 to 25hp on either side. I'm not going to cry if it makes 25hp less than it could, ill put a fast intake on if it really bothers me that much. Besides full long tubes hurt low end torque, kill me for compromising.

Why did you post this? Forgive me but your intention here seems quite questionable.

All welds on the exhaust were checked with a stethoscope, and I repeat quality is top tier.

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