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[QUOTE=DANIMAL;1471818]. Although I am positive that his top tier fabrication and mechanical abilities may have made him more comfortable to say yes to this challenge.

The mounts are still not fabricated, another month later. Rob decided that it was getting crazy and that it would be faster to fabricate the mounts in house. So the LS6 was for the first time placed between the E36 struts in its future home. After a standard mounting plate some cutting and welding the mounts were completed.

If this is top tier fabrication, this world is really going down the drain!

This build could have been done better by a back yard mechanic. Honestly, does anyone see the welds? The mounts have no suppoting reinforcemnts.

They will certainly break off. I hope you guys understand what you are dealing with, its 400hp not 200, and things break faster with more hp and tq.

more to come....
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