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K theres a saying which my parents salesman told em, buy a house and lease a car. Y? Because cars dont hold there value,but there are exceptions. Like if its a ferrari or a classic or you wanna go racing etc. Everybody has there own opinion and there own reasoning as to why they will lease over purchase and purchase over lease.

When my parents got there first BMW in 2004 one of my friends is like " o you guys arent that rich caz you didnt buy it!" Im like well ur parents buy shitty cars that cost about as much as the downpayment that we put down on our car.

In the case of my dads Mazda we had to buy it because he uses it for work, which sucks caz we have to fork out a ton of money upfront and then by the time hes done with it the car is worth sod all.

This thread has gone completely off topic. As for removing the limiter, i dont have a clue, my parents 328i is leased and they have no intention of messing with it. If your still intrested i can ask around at work for you.
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