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Originally Posted by BearsBmr View Post
OH snap!! no you just didnt!!!
As the crowd chants JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!!!

I Duck as Jeffrie and Ahmad start throwing chairs at each other while yelling
"you dumb *censored* you stole my twinky"
"Shut the *censored* up while I ate your BMW for breakfast with my supercharger"
"Oh Knows you didn't!!"
then it's on, Jerry calls Steve his security guard to get a tub full of oil for Jeff And Ahmad.
They fight while pulling each others hair cause it's the only thing that's not slippery. Then they fall in love and they propose to each other and get married right on the show. Their 3 series bmw's have interconnectcourse with each other and pop out little 1 series down the road...

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