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power loss 330ci

I have a 2001 330ci. After about 2 months of having it i noticed that sometimes the car is not as powerful as other times. It lags under 3 rpm and bursts with noise and acceleration around 4k. but then other times its powerful right from 1.5 rpm. I know this is a symptom of vanos seals but until this day sometimes its perfectly fine and feels great(especially on a cool night) , and sometimes it just feels sluggish and slow. its very annoying having an inconsistent car and some insight would be great. my car has 170k on it (km not m)

if the vanos seals are truly gone, then should the car feel slow all the time? has anyone else who had their vanos seals replaced, experienced the car feeling fine sometimes and then sluggish other times? i just dont wanna do the job and then see that it wasnt the problem.

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