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Originally Posted by nachos23 View Post
A few pointers please. Purchased polyurethanne Hamann side skirts. They seem to use the same mounting holes as the stock side skirts..... the questions are:

1. Do I remove the existing ones before installing the Hamanns? It would appear that I have to in order for them to fit...... I was told you install them over the existing skirts.

2. When removing the stock skirts, it appears I remove the retainer clips from along the under-sire of the skirt... not an issue. How is the skirt secured @ the top? Does it have a lip the secures (slides) into a channel? If so, do I remove by sliding forward or rear, or just "give it a tug"?

3. The Hamanns have a "lip" running the length of the skirts, located on the inside of the lip a few mm below the top of the skirt. They must secure to some type of channel (possibly the same channel the stock skirts attach to??). When installing, how do I secure the top lip??? Does it slide into a channel or do I "pop" it back into place?

Thanks in advance for the advise/suggestions.....

Gonna look sweet with the Hamann Lip Spolier I've picked-up as well... Spoiler getting prepped, painted and stored this winter.... going on in the spring.... not sure about when the skirts are going on..... maybe this fall; maybe not....

I had the same kit on my e46. Looks great on the E46 imo.

1. Yes you have to remove your existing oem skirts in order to mount your Hamann ones. You don't install them over your existing ones.

2. Your oem skirts has retaining clips along the middle of the skirts, and at the bottom like you saw. The Hamann ones basically line up with the same holes, but you need longer clips on the sides. There's no channel. They are just held on by the clips. To take them off, you tug on them outwards motion(away from the car) after removing the bottom clips. Just be careful not to break the actual skirt where the clips are placed.

3. There is no channel. They are just clipped in, and held in place by the clips themselves.

Good luck. It shouldnt be that hard.

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