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Originally Posted by Simby View Post
The 1s are too small and too expensive. Pricing that little thing barely cheaper than the 3s make no sense.

And to the guy who fit 4 suitcases in the trunk of a 1. Are those shoeboxes you're carrying?
Oh no ... I went with my wife and she always overpacks! I will try and see if I can find a photo of our stuffed car. The cargo cover was barely closing but it still closed and we parked anywhere we wanted as the suitcases were always out of sight. This was a perfect car for that trip!

I had a lot of fun going up and down mountain passes in the Alps in Switzerland, Italy and France in our little 120d wagon. What a ride!

and being "barely cheaper than the 3s" ... how do you justify 25% price difference (135i $41700 vs 335i $50600) slightly different? I must be in a slightly different tax bracket not to understand ....
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