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well, not to discourage you or anything (i am in process of dumping quite a bit of cash into my e30 myself) just keep in mind that if you ever were in a situation that you'd want to sell this car, you WILL loose a lot of money!

Now my biggest recommendation at this point would be for you to take the body apart as much as you can, fix all the rust, recoat with anti-rust primer, repaint. Your car is almost 20yr old it DOES have rust (unless it was in california or texas all its life)

Also consider putting in a quicker steering rack and replace all the wearable parts (esspecially all rubber parts)

One more thing: you say that you will have 3" pipe splitting into two 1.5" pipes. You do realize that the area of a 3" circle is significantly larger than the cumulative area of two 1.5" circles.
In fact let me do the math for you: A=PI*r^2 ,
so for 3": A=3.14*6^2= 113.04 sq-inch
for 1.5" : A=3.14*3^2= 28.26 sq-inch

that yields: 113.04 against 28.26*2=56.52

there you have it - you are introducing a whopping 50% of restriction right there.

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