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Lightbulb Sunday, April 11th: maXbimmer's crashing of the EURO CAR MEET @ Ashbridges Bay!

Okay guys, so if you don't know already, on April 11th there's a huge car meet going down at the Lakeshore. There will be sales reps from JL audio, Alpine, MB quart and Pioneer on hand with demo cars. There will also be representatives from Performance Auto & Sound there scouting out cars, so this is a good time to show off what you got, or see what you need to get.

All maX members will be meeting up prior to the show, to arrive together in a convoy. This not only makes us look better as a club, but also ensures that we will be able to park together in a section of the lot. 2 minutes from the top of the Don Valley is Kennedy Commons. We will meet there and head down the DVP together to Ashbridges.

So, for the lazy non-readers, here's a breakdown:

What?: All EURO car gathering
Why?: Serious audio companies present, lots of cars to see, represent maX
When?: Sunday, April 11th, 11:30AM meeting
Where?: Kennedy Commons (Kennedy & 401), then cruise down to show

Directions: From the West, get off the 401 at Kennedy, then proceed straight through the lights into the shopping complex. We are meeting in front of the AMC theatre, at the rear of the lot. We are leaving at 11:40AM SHARP, get there early to be safe.

So wash and wax the car, slap on some tire dressing, and join us for what should be a GREAT day in the beaches.

WE ARE NOW MEETING AT 10:45AM, AND DEPARTING AT 11:00. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE. This looks to be the only way to get our own spot. Kennedy is approximately 30mins away from Mississauga at the speed limit, so leave accordingly.
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