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Question H.I.D. Guru's, your help PLEASE

Alright, heres the situation, last night, i was downtown, on my way to a club, and i see this nice E36 328is (anyone from here?), drive by, pretty stock, except for one thing, He had HID's on the STOCK E36 headlights. No it was NOT those cheap XZENON blubs you get a pacific mall, these were genuine HID's, not EXTREMELY BLUE, probably around 4300-4500 K. It looked very similar to the Xenons the E39's came with in 97-00.

Anyways, what my question is, IS THIS POSSIBLE? Did he have E39 headlights IN the stock E36 housing, how can this be done. If anyone can help it would be MUCH appreciated, because THIS is the main reason i want to buy ellipsoids, just to get HID's eventually!

P.S. The light was VERY nicely distributed, which is why i think that the actual lights, came from the E39!

Thanks in advance guys!
Keven Soldo
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