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Camber plates are done! I fished these out of the scrap bucket and asked my Dad if he could turn up some bearing holders as that is what was missing from making them complete. Admittedly, it is a bit of an oldschool design as you may notice the height of the completed plates are quite tall. Newer designs from more recently offerings of say Ireland Engineering or Ground Control have much slimmer plate designs, some of which even have the spring perch integrated. This design was made to work with stock spring and mimic the height of a stock mount. Oldschool, yes... but it came together quicker than ordering new ones, and it was a fraction of the cost. So I'll deal with the height. Plus the fact that is uses a much bigger bearing than anything mass produced is a huge bonus. I like overbuilt.

Some spacers turned out to fit the massive upper bearing and the shocks together

Found some hardware and put them together to see how it looks. I need to find bigger washers for the bolts...

Put some Molyslip grease into the bearing before pressing it into the holder. After mucking with it a bit, here it is all put together. Looks the same from the top!

Not sure why the one washer is smaller... I guess I need better glasses! You can see the first bearing holder in the background that hasn't had the bearing installed yet.

And from the bottom we can see the bearing pressed into place nice and snug. Looks great!


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