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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Ps Rudy just noticed your sig. Made me chuckle.

I drummed up some motivation today to move some cars around and push the 02 into the shop today to start on my rocker panel repair that I've been neglecting for awhile. It is only half finished thus far, and I'll finish it the next time the car sees the hoist. At least there is a patch now that I can work with.

Ghetto patch I hammered out. Not pretty, but it works, its strong, I can jack the car up on the edge now, and plus its covered by a trim piece should I choose to put it on.

Welded into place and started to grind down some of the welds.

It sits fairly well flush with the front fender back on. Not perfect, but down there, who's gonna notice!

Still gotta do the right side once this is done! Luckily it isn't as half as bad as this side!

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