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Originally Posted by fastfive40 View Post
let me give you one piece of advice regardless of all the stupid bobtheoilguy articles and other so called "expert" articles you will read; DO NOT USE mobil1 ow40, the stuff shears and is way too thin, if your engine has over 120k use a BMW LL-98 approved oil such as Castrol Syntec 5w40 or what RMP uses, RS200 5W40 etc, your oil problems and "puffing" will go away......ask me how i know......
If anything, I used to use 5W30 Castrol Syntec... and for some strange reason, I'm liking the OW40 Mobil 1 instead.

Just yesterday the car was sitting for 2 days, i start it up and i saw white smoke for about 3 seconds.
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