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Originally Posted by fastfive40 View Post
let me give you one piece of advice regardless of all the stupid bobtheoilguy articles and other so called "expert" articles you will read; DO NOT USE mobil1 ow40, the stuff shears and is way too thin, if your engine has over 120k use a BMW LL-98 approved oil such as Castrol Syntec 5w40 or what RMP uses, RS200 5W40 etc, your oil problems and "puffing" will go away......ask me how i know......
0W 40 is only thinner on start up, which means less ware and tear on the motor in the morning, and at normal running temps, 0w 40 and 5w 40 are the same viscosity. once your motor reaches 212 F both 0w40 and 5w40 have the same viscosity. oil thickens when it reaches room temp, so in fact running 0w40 would be the wiser choice to run, and maintain your motor. so how you came up with this bro science conclusion totally boggles my mind.
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