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Originally Posted by m3the01 View Post
So he checked the i-drive display... lol.

Seriously man, get the DRL activated through coding in the US its like $50. Then ur set, bmw canada will be happy. Well kinda...hehe

For those that only care about Canadian tire, i-drive activate DRL and ur set.

Good luck,

PS remember thousands of BMW's have been imported into Canada, if everyone is being denied warranty cause they used a legit letter from the US service screen we would hear a lot more stories. I think the worst case would be to pay the $500 or $360 from unity auto (dealership in Toronto).


I feel HORRIBLE for people who could have activated their DRL through the I-Drive but ended up paying BMW an arm & a leg

I hope everyone is clear that the Angel eyes/halos that most of our BMW's come with are OK for Canadian Tire in terms of DRL. When my brother took his to BMW Toronto initially they said "No, although the Halos come on when the ignition is on - they aren't actually DRL" Such crap.

I confirmed with Canadian Tire - Halos/Angels are ACCEPTABLE as DAYTIME RUNNING LAMPS! Don't be fooled people!

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