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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
Absolutely if it becomes legal big business will hop on-board and profit off it. You'd be naive to think they wouldn't for fear of tarnishing their reputations. Profit is profit, and guaranteed someone will be willing to grow pot/poppies/coca in North America once it becomes legal.

No the cartels are not going to get any business once it becomes legal. How much tobacco or barely is being grown by organized crime groups?

Sometimes I think you argue just for the sake of it.

Cept the people dying for it.
You haven't really thought your point through.. Sometimes I just wonder how some of you people think. It's so two dimensional. You'll spout of your idea, but you won't even think about it deeply enough for it to make any sense.

Profit is profit. You think cartels will care? They will flood the market illegal then anyway. Just like there is a big market for underground cigarettes.

How much tobacco is being grown by organize crime??? HOW MUCH TOBACCO is run through our borders every day by organized crime to avoid taxation is the better question. The fact is, you actually don't know. And the truth is, it's ALOT. Why do you think they sell "native" cigarettes????? lol wow dude. Why do you think people go to the reserves to buy cigarettes tax free??? You know thats illegal right?

There will always be copetition with the black market. The cartels won't cease to exist just because you make the drugs legal. They will just compete against the government business. For drugs like cocaine where it's really a big process to create the drug (e.g. grow it) and you require a special climate to grow it, e.g. South America/Tropical weather, there will be alot of fighting because the cartels know there is profit to be fought for. They will fight for land, and they will fight for their drugs to enter the country illegally without being taxed to be sold in corners.

Who is being naive? Seriously. Grow up dude, and put a bit more though process into what you write.

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