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Im thinkin RB's. Wait, what..???

Some of you might know this car.

I started working on the car by basically doing maintenance and other issues. As time went on I decided to bag it and throw some 10's on it. Got kind of bored with the m20 motor, so i pulled it, sold my wheels and started fresh.

Now that were all caught up, here we go... (apologies for the shitty cell pics)

Picked up this beauty on saturday and started tearing into it to see what i got.

I was a little annoyed finding broken plugs and solenoids here and there, but that changed when i got further into it. Turns out underneath the heat shield was this little beauty.

Turns out the previous owner did the timing belt, a clutch kit (with a lightened flywheel), im guessing he did the head gasket, and a bigger turbo.

Looked up the turbo and it ended up being an HKS/Garrett GT2540, which apparently is capable of 20psi and 400 hp.

Anyways, heres the rest of my pics from my test fit the other night. The motor is sitting a bit high at the back due to my shitty engine leveler (which i took back and got a different one)

This weekend i wil be putting the tranny back on and starting to make my mounts. The wiring is being made as we speak, so when i get it mounted in it shouldn't be long till she's running.

If anyones confused, that is indeed an rb25 in a 1984 325e.
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