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new M5 spin and crash

Does anyone know this person? Or heard about this incident? Apparently. A couple of weeks ago. It was one of those days that we (Toronto - GTA) actually got some snow that stayed. Late evening. A friend of mine who's also a serious BMW fan witnessed the whole thing. Anyhow. My friend's doing about 70km/hr southbound on the 410 due to the slippery conditions. And all of a sudden some young guy in a dark new M5 flies by doing at least 120km/hr. My friend just keeps his eye on him thinking that he may have had some serious snow tires on the car....which probably wouldn't have mattered. Sure enough, after a couple of seconds......the inevitable happened. Buddy lost grip and spun the car at least twice.....smacking the back end on a guard rail and then literally bouncing back on the road. Possibly even damaging the wheels. My friend couldn't tell. So buddy pulls over onto the shoulder, gets out, looks at the damage, gets back into the car and takes off again! Like nothing happened. Back to speed! I hope he has an excuse for driving like an idiot in those conditions!!!!!! Danger to himself and others.

Oh well. Thought I'd share this little story with you guys!

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