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you just dug yourself a elitist hole, comfortable there?

just reading comments like WTO has no power and Swedens companys arnt nationalized when I was talking about high taxes and how your logic of high taxes = crap high priced goods is wrong by precedent - why you couldn't figure that out is beyond me (oh wait no its not ahha)....I can go again and bit by bit analyze your crap but you don't have the background nor the will. I definitely got hit by a troll gun. WTO has no powers, *hears the sound of a ten year old talking about the complexities of life* your facts are just wrong. COMPANYS do represent themselves, thats why company can go to Mexico or another WTO signed country and sue the government if they pass a law that limits their bottom line and such. Also tariffs can help or not help the US depending on the circumstance, THIS IS econ 101- factor proportions model ftw ey? Btw removing corporations right as a person mean big government, not small. Ron Paul if he really is advocating this is trying to get votes and then won't do that, or if he truly believes in such then he won't win the election. Simple as that. Nixon, Reagen, Carter, Clinton, Bush....the trend of corporate libertarianism is real, there is no republican view and democrat view on the economy.

anyway you do not know what communism is, even say its never been implemented but you somehow know human nature and say it will face no matter what. This type of dismissive arrogance is throughout your response

"The part you were supposed to grasp from memo pps23 is that the american government controlled the majority of the military production during ww2, and at the end was left with half the worlds wealth with a tiny population. THAT is where the problem lies. The problems you are seeing are not a by product of classical liberalism."

so in other words the MIC model I mentioned before time and time again yet you have not checked that out......"war is good for business" what are you defending American imperialism? like wtf? by product of classical liberalism? buddy its not classical its called corporate libertarianism, your a corporate libertarian, go join the tea party k.....people do not need to learn economics, just look at history. Apparently you think its working for the better of the middle class or the world in general. You are retarded to think so, and ill stake that whatever history you learned was very limited. Limited government would mean even more deregulation, hence the derivative deregulation that has occurred through the US the past decade, which has caused the 2008 crisis, would have occurred faster if anything....disagree? Or is this bit of history unbeknown to you.

"The public is holding the bag? You mean the government is forced to bail them out? Support classic liberal ideology and you wont have that problem, they will fail and be replaced with something efficient.

Holy shit, who is the champion of corporate libertarianism, champion of liberty? the U.S what happened there buddy? they weren't allowed to fail, and since 2008 they are now larger and still unregulated. Canada wasn't affected by its own banks because they did not become hedge funds. So yay for Canada but the largest economy and most power nation still has the same problem and is even worse now.

your theory is all nice on paper

I asked for the textbook section that is labeled like "misconceptions of this model of that"...and again you mention just Canada, but yet not the globe at large. Where before you said "stop thinking micro"....who is looking for what huh? Obviously the standard of living has increased but again you ignored this on purpose i assume, if on paper it worked as well when applied then the standard of living we should have is 5x what it is now.

I foolishly gave you the respect and time to quote everything you have said, write my response below respectfully and yet you do not do the same. This is why I stick to just stating, because NO ONE ever wants to think about anything...................god just reading your thoughts on the TED video is pathetic. Man shit did you even mention the respect and noreity that organization has given? the PHDs that guy has? the data sets he said he used? but no all that is not enough, you want the actual information. Admirable, but if you can't trust UN independent sources then all your sources from Canada and the US, in the background of corporate liberalism, would mean that the statistics are far more manipulated and self serving. disagree with logic?

No you just ignored all that and said "it all can be manipulated to make correlations appear visually".....well buddy then I am going to just say give me the data sets for the standard of living for the past 50 years in Canada....and when you show that correlation I'll say its been manipulated.. See the elitist hole you dug yourself. You also have no logic buddy, watch the video again, how many different correlations with different data sets did he use? it wasn't 1 or 2 lolz.

So so far you have set precedent, apparently, that correlations can be manipulated to visually show whatever, thus all charts when they do not fit your view are manipulations.

That memo you wrote backs up MY argument, it is the same crap as the Grand Area Doctrone, promotes war and strategic assets for the US and quintessentially is the imperialism they are criticized for. What in their justifies the PROMOTION of the MIC? justifies corporate liberationists?

I have repeatedly asked for the information that we are gaining middle class jobs. still waiting bro, don't taze me

anyway MR.third year economic major with minor in psci watch this video if you have not yet. "science adjusts its view based on whats observed, faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved" I agree on paper as much as you do on the theory behind economics. I know my history, and through observations I have to adjust my view that the theory does not work at all to the extent that it should. BY FAR. -Your view is the denial of observation so your belief can be preserved. I trust that PHD guy over your education level of a third year ranting about how correlations can be manipulated. I trust that organization more I do than your Ron Paul, I trust academia more than your logic. If you show the manipulation of any World Bank or other notable UN organization, show me that the our learned theories are helping us as much as it should then I will "change my mind, I will spin on a f*ucking dime". Until then have fun with your self fulfilling ideology where you ignore observation for the preservation of your theory.

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