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Originally Posted by noid View Post
The university is irrelevant (an attempt to keep this subject on track). I love how you guys assumed I was idolizing myself for pointing out I was a 3rd year economics student. Its a matter of fact, my argument is no less strong nor weak because of it. It only goes to show where im coming from. It hard to say that someone from a social science background would have the same approach as someone like me and you.

In either case, I have taken history classes, and do like to look up historical events on my spare time. What is your question?
Do not need us to tell us your coming from a corporate libertarian point of view

question is what university, Guelph? I want to know what professor of what economics is this.

"social science background would have the same approach as someone like me and you"

approach? to what? social science people do not need math to prove models, they only need to know what the models are. Me and you can go into mathematical arguments but theirs nothing I can mathematically argue against because, for one as a third year, I am restricted in my box of knowledge, and secondly the math balances out so yeah theory works, history says it doesn't work hence i wonder why you think we need less regulations and more perfect competition is beyond me

perhaps I will start another thread, type out one section explaining the myths of expanding the economic pie, and present the precedents and statistics contrary. As for now I have to go and get back to you on your memo link

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