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E30 possibly FS!

Black E30 1989 BMW 325i
- Manual
- Rear Wheel Drive
- 202---KM
- RUST FREE (Body, Strut Towers, Under body) extremely minor amount of rust! i say rust free because lets the face the facts here most e30's are 21+ years and rust happens at varying degrees, most are rust buckets, with major rust issues in the floor boards, and strut towers and fenders, etc..., i can assure you guys the car has none of that!
- Plastic bumper! no Diving Boards!
- New Brake Line
- New Backing plates
- Engine Meticulously maintained since ownership (Oil Change Done early).
- Oil Pan Gasket Replaced
- R134a AC system upgrade (AC needs to be recharged)
- Blower motor replaced + Fuse
- Rear main seal replaced
- Aftermarket Deck
- Power everything
- Alarm system with keyless entry!
- BMW H&R Sport Cup Kit suspension overhaul
- 15" Enkei 92 wheels Staggered set-up 1.5 inch lip front, 3 inch lip rear with summer tires
- Stock Bottlecap wheels with Michelin X-ice2 (for the 3 months my jetta decided to die)
- Tan Leather interior 2 tone, with black!
-RPM, MPG,Speedo, Gas and Temp all work!
- Euro black tinted Headlights DEPO Glass lense.
- New foglights NO scratches or damage!

As you can see this car has been babied as much as i could, only driven every now and then when the weather is Nice and summer, i bought the car and it was bare bone stock, and I have not tampered with much, its a classic car, and should be treated that way, everything is original BMW, all parts replaced have been genuine BMW or the next best thing!

This car is my baby and I would hate nothing more than to let it go to an owner who is not going to appreciate it and treat it like a proper BMW, but I have to get with the times, I have student loan to pay and I need to minimize my expenses, am not desperate to sell this car, if I get no good offers I wont sell.

Of course safety and E-tested

Make me offers! and please be realistic! no low ballers, I want to know this car is going to a great owner and a good house!

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